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Taste of the Runway

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Dear Befana…how can they let you get around like this? You come at night with your broken shoes and the only thing you find as a gift is a simple mandarin, or an anchovy, or a piece of smoked herring (nobody gives you a whole one), and if you are very lucky, you find a glass of red wine which gives you a little comfort in these cold nights…  Dear Befana, come to my house first. I promise you will find: new, beautiful and shiny shoes, a strawberry and white chocolate smoothie, and a Firebolt (which is even better than Nimbus 2000). As for your skirt…we can talk about it next year. What do I want in return? Or maybe I should say: What would I like in return? If you would be kind enough to think of me, could you bring me this coat by Jil Sander? I’ve prepared such a huge sock that it looks like the Bermuda Triangle, so please don’t let me down, my dear Befana! If you are in a hurry, you can do everything through the e-commerce website, and if you cannot find this outfit, you can choose another.

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